Ten Sleep, Wyoming
How to get a Rimrock Puppy
To contact us if you are interested in acquiring an English Shepherd puppy, 

please review and complete our questionnaire, 

research the breed (see the links on the home page), 

and then either email us at wllowcrk@tctwest.net

or snail mail me at : 

Carol Greet 
2050 Highway 434
Ten Sleep, Wyoming  82442

To view the litters' pedigree, click here.

Dally x Bubba, June 1, 2012. 4 pups
Dally x Hustler, May 25, 2011. 9 pups
Lucas x Elsa, October 22, 2009.
9 pups
Lucas x Elsa, March 24, 2009. 11 pups
Lucas x Elsa, November 14, 2007. 10 pups

Pups have been placed in Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, Idaho, Ohio, Washington, Arizona, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and
North Carolina.


Can you relinquish control and trust me to chose the best pup for you?

Do you have the time to invest in a dog?

English Shepherds are considered a rare breed, where did you learn about them?

What do you want this dog to do?

Will the dog be working livestock? If so, what kind?

Will the dog be a companion animal?

Do you have enough activity to keep the dog occupied?

Are you interested in therapy dogs, search and rescue, or agility?

Are you planning on spaying/neutering your dog, or are you interested in breeding?

Do you have a preference of male/female?  Why?

How social is your household?

Do you have children?  What age?

How much time is the dog going to spend alone each day?

Would you be interested in having your dog's hips x-rayed to add to the breed's database?

Should you be considering a puppy from Rimrock English Shepherds, I will ask you these questions and seriously consider your responses.  It is my duty to place the puppy in the best home suited to its needs.  Preferences are given to working homes on farms and ranches.  The future of English Shepherds relies on happy owners and happy dogs.  If at any time, your dog doesn't work out, I will take him back and try to find a more appropriate home for him.

A deposit (half of cost) will be required to hold a puppy for you.  Should I not be able to place a pup with you, your deposit will be refunded in full.  Should you change your mind, your deposit is mine to keep.

While transportation can be stressful on pups, I realize all my pups are far removed from just about anywhere because we live in Wyoming!  Transportation costs are the buyer's responsibility.
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