Ten Sleep, Wyoming

Rimrock Rimfire Dally was born 11/14/2007.
In 2011, I decided it was time to find her a mate and after much MUCH deliberation, I chose Kumke's Partlow's Hustler.  Owned by Derek Kumke, 55# Hustler works daily in a feedlot situation on sheep, goats, and cattle.  Described by Derek as "Super bright, not tough on sheep or goats, but he won't back down from those eared cattle!  He loves kids, though he's cautious with strangers at first."  I hope he will be a nice balance for Dally's softer nature.

Dally gave birth to 9 pups on May 25, 2011.  They were all placed in working homes and I have good reports back from happy puppy owners!

In 2012, I bred Dally to a 'local' dog, only two hours away!  This time it was Deep Creek Shepherd's Bubba.  Bubba is a retired cow dog, owned by Steve Weber, bred by JoLynne Parmely of South Dakota.

For some reason, this was a difficult birth for Dally, three pups were born dead, one died two days later.  The remaining four pups, born June 1, however, have thrived are are serving their new owners well!

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