Ten Sleep, Wyoming
About us
                                      Greet Ranch, Inc. proud to be a Wyoming Centennial Ranch.

Our family is the  3rd, 4th, and 5th ranching generations to live south of Ten Sleep, Wyoming.  The first Greets settled in Wyoming in 1891 just miles down the road.  In 1909, they moved to this ranch at the bottom of the Big Horn Mountains.  We proudly celebrated our centennial of ranching in 2009.  We raise a commercial herd of black/black baldy cattle.  We also keep busy in the hayfields with irrigating and putting up alfalfa and grass hay. 

To contact us:
Carol Greet
2050 State Highway 434
Ten Sleep, Wyoming 82442-8860



We are breeding quality working English Shepherds from quality lines.  Our dogs help us throughout the year, from corral and chute work to gathering the large pastures typical in Wyoming rangelands to trail drives ranging from 1-12 miles long.  Our dogs are worked on cattle, with a low-heeling style.  Not afraid to head if necessary, these dogs typically work quietly in an upright, loose-eyed manner.

Pictured above is my father-in-law, John Greet, with a collie-type dog in ~1935.

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